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Serac Solutions specializes in supporting the Honeywell-POMS MES product.  POMS (Process Order Management System) is a leading MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) used in FDA regulated industries.


System Upgrades: Many of our clients have POMS systems initially deployed 10+ years ago. These aging systems can become maintenance nightmares.  We’ve successfully helped clients upgrade their systems to extend the useful life.  These updates have included migration to POMS 5.2 along with upgrades to Oracle, Mercator/WebSphere, Loftware/Bartender, Crystal Reports, and server/workstation hardware.

Support Contracts: Many of our clients struggle with how to support their legacy POMS systems.  Vendor support can be costly, and the level of support can be limited.  We offer a flexible alternative that tailors the level of system support to your specific needs.  We maintain a variety of support agreements including standard support, off-hours emergency support (especially useful for overseas operations), and preventive maintenance.


Performance: It is not uncommon to have performance issues with a system as complex as POMS.  However, you don’t need to “just deal” with these issues.  Serac has extensively helped our clients to improve transaction speed, eliminate timeouts, and remove unwanted “wait-time” from their POMS systems.


Custom Enhancements:  Our clients often have needs not met by standard POMS functionality.  At Serac, we develop custom modules to overcome the shortcomings of the standard POMS function set.  Some examples of our past work include development of custom clinical packaging/labeling functions, development of a tool to allocate and track equipment usage,  and development of advanced reporting solutions to help our customers find meaning in their manufacturing data.


Improved Reliability: Our customers need a manufacturing system they can rely on.  A POMS MES system outage can be costly, especially for systems that are heavily interfaced with manufacturing operations.  We help our clients gain a level of robutness and stability far greater than the standard POMS solution.