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Manufacturing Execution Systems

At Serac, we specialize in the specification, development, installation, and support of MES systems.  Applications we support include Werum, Propack, POMS, XFP, and Camstar.  We support systems for both Clinical Supplies and Commercial manufacturing,  and are experienced in both batch and discrete processes.




Electronic Batch Records (EBR): Paper batch records serve their purpose of capturing and retaining data manufacturing data.  But what about product release?   What are the costs associated with delayed release and inaccurate record review?  We help our customers by first developing a lean version of their records and then utilizing automation to streamline the process of recording and reviewing batch data. This ultimately results in quicker and more repeatble product release.


Weigh and Dispense Systems: Weighing and dispensing of materials is a critical component of batch manufacturing operations.  However, many companies continue to rely on outdated technologies or manual processes, risking costly failures that can lead to scrap and waste.   We help our clients identify and implement state of the art systems for dispensing, kitting, and tracking of materials.


Interfaces to External Systems: An MES system is only as good as the data it provides.  To achieve maximum ROI on your MES investment, it needs to be tightly coupled with your plant floor while seamlessly providing data to management.  We routinely help clients interface MES to automation/control systems while ensuring that MES data is tightly coupled with supporting systems such as ERP and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).