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Go Paperless with Digital Logbooks

Our Digital Logbook is built on the latest cloud technologies and is designed with the end user in mind. Screens are easy to understand, and new users can be trained in 1 hour!

With our Digital Logbook, it’s also extremely simple to create new record templates…no code required1

Going paperless has never been easier!

Are you facing any of these issues with paper logbooks?

  • Audit findings, observations, or fines for missing and erroneous logbook entries.
  • Data not in standard format or a searchable database
  • Facing challenges in consistently standardizing and calibrating equipment
  • Difficulties in efficiently reviewing equipment logs by supervisors and management
  • Risk of records being lost due to damage, fire, or misplacement
  • Struggles in retaining records for the required duration of the retention period
  • Challenges in responding quickly and efficiently to audit requests
  • Lack of supervisory oversight leading to inaccuracies and incompleteness in logged activities
  • Absence of security controls, leading to unintended edits and deletions of records
  • Complications in generating detailed reports with minimal effort

TRAX Logbook Benefits

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