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Inventory Management

Gain better control of your inventory. Whether it’s a full warethouse or a small group of laboratory freezers, we can track it!

Track Inventory with TRAX

TRAX Inventory Module is a cost-effective cloud-based inventory application tailored for sample and material management in the pharmaceutical industry. Below are some of the key functionalities built in essential to meet the unique demands of this sector.

These functionalities collectively ensure the efficient management of pharmaceutical samples and materials, adherence to regulatory requirements, optimization of inventory levels, and facilitation of quality control and supply chain management. Implementing of the TRAX Inventory module can significantly enhance the operational efficiency, compliance, and profitability of your pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution processes.

Key Functionalities

Batch and Lot Tracking: Essential for managing the lifecycle of drugs, including manufacturing, processing, and distribution. It supports tracking by unique identifiers, such as lot numbers, to facilitate recalls, quality control, and compliance with regulations like the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).


Inventory Management: Tracks stock levels, and expiration dates, and manages raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. The system aims to ensure optimal inventory levels, prevent obsolescence and spoilage, and avoid stock-outs.


Regulatory Compliance: Assists in adhering to strict regulations set by bodies like the FDA, DEA, and international organizations. This includes managing controlled substances, tracking regulation changes, and ensuring products meet safety, efficacy, and quality standards.


Quality Control (QC): Tools for managing the complexities of maintaining high-quality products. These include real-time data monitoring, secure storage of test results, which can be integrated with manufacturing and ERP systems.


Enhanced Tracking Methods: Utilization of modern tracking methods like barcodes, GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers), and NDC (National Drug Code) numbers for enhanced traceability throughout the supply chain.


Integrated with 3rd Party System: Integrate with other systems to consolidate various aspects of the pharmaceutical business, including manufacturing, distribution, inventory management, and financial accounting. can centralize data, eliminate data duplication, and provide insights into business operations.


Real-time Visibility and AI Insights (AI Phase 2): The Cloud-based design allows for real-time tracking visible on mobile devices. This aids in making informed decisions based on current data. With Phase 2 we can integrate AI recommendations for determining optimal inventory levels.


Intuitive User Interface for High Adoption Rate: essential to the success of any inventory application is that it has an extremely intuitive user interface that facilitates easy learning and use, ensuring a high adoption rate across all facility levels. TRAX’s Inventory user-friendly interface simplifies interactions with the system, making it accessible to employees with varying levels of technical expertise. This aspect is crucial for encouraging widespread use of the system, ensuring that all personnel, regardless of their role or technical proficiency, can effectively utilize the tool to manage samples, and materials, and comply with regulatory requirements. An intuitive system also reduces training time and costs, further supporting its rapid integration into daily operations.


Cost-Effectiveness and ROI Consideration: The TRAX Inventory Module, with its built-in functionalities specifically designed for the sector, provides a cost-efficient solution without compromising on the essential features required for effective sample and material management.

Its cloud-based nature reduces the need for expensive hardware and extensive IT infrastructure, further contributing to cost savings. Additionally, by streamlining inventory management processes, enhancing regulatory compliance, and reducing the risk of errors and waste, TRAX directly contributes to operational savings and increased efficiency. These factors combined ensure that the investment in the TRAX Inventory Module is not only manageable for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes but also promises a swift ROI through improved inventory accuracy, compliance, and operational efficiency. This makes it an attractive solution for those looking to optimize their sample and material management processes while keeping costs in check.

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