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Precision Dispensing

TRAX Weigh & Dispense

Are you looking for a more efficient way to perform weigh and dispense? TRAX MES’s automated Weigh & Dispense solution can help you streamline your workflow and ensure consistent quality. 

Our solution offers an easy-to-use interface for efficient operation, reliable measurement and dosing for precise results, seamless integration with existing ERP systems, comprehensive data management for regulatory compliance, and is customizable to meet specific industry needs.

Our Unique Approach

We help our clients excel...


TRAX is flexible enough to handle different types of materials & formulations without extensive reconfiguration.

Data & Integration

Overcome problems integrating Weigh & Dispense systems with existing inventory and production systems.

UI & Usability

Avoid the need for extensive training to ensure operators can use the system effectively.


Avoid unplanned downtimes due to equipment failures or technical issues, negatively affecting production schedules.


Complexity is a barrier for operators who are not well-versed in technology.. TRAX is easy to learn. Users can be trained in 1 hour!

Regulatory Compliance

Avoid costly audits and fines. TRAX complies with industry regulations such as Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).