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TRAX Manufacturing Execution System

TRAX MES is the ultimate solution to optimize your production process, reduce errors, and provide real-time insights. Our intuitive interface, easy configuration, and built-in compliance make it easy to integrate with your existing processes!!

At Serac, we understand the challenges faced by both the pharmaceutical industry and other manufacturing sectors in maintaining regulatory compliance, managing data, and streamlining processes. That’s why we’ve created a solution that simplifies the deployment of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), making it accessible and efficient for diverse manufacturing environments.

Our MES is designed to optimize production workflows, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and improve quality. Our work is trusted by leading companies and is making production simpler and more productive every day!

TRAX in Commercial and R&D Manufacturing

TRAX is built to meet the demanding requirements of both Commercial and Pilot Manufacturing. When it comes to commercial, TRAX will consistently execute repetitive tasks in a mistake-proof, high quality manner.

There are some special considerations for R&D. Research teans often struggle with MES solutions designed for commercial manufacturing, such as those from traditional vendors. These solutions lack the flexibility needed for R&D operations, which involve smaller batch sizes, a diverse product range, and the necessity for quick changeovers.

Additionally, R&D activities often include material substitutions and other practices not allowed in Commercial Manufacturing, requiring an MES that can easily adapt to these unique and evolving requirements. The lack of a tailored, flexible MES significantly hampers R&D efficiency and innovation.

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